Friday, December 26, 2008

the concert

Hi every-body remember the previous blog..? you may read it here. Have a guess. Give-up? Well its my cousin's concert! She is playing a piano. her song is 'My Favorite Day' And 'Hush little baby'.(Hush Little Baby is so easy i can play it little by little.) OK, my pick of best songs is 'Its a small world' played by a single. It was a best concert beside my dance show. Its the best one I ever did for this time. OK, back to the spot. If any of you leaves in Bangi, you might have watched it at PKNS Bangi. Hope to seee you next time





Friday, December 19, 2008

The Sleep-Over Party.

Hi! Welcome back to My Whole Wide World Starring me Yasmin! OK. The real thing is I'm having a sleep over at my cousin's house! yippee! Of to the moon! I'm watching Nuryn, my cousin, playing a piano at her concert. (I'll tell you guys at next the post.) Nuryn lets play make-up there okay? Fake is enough.hehehe.Did you say you have a PS2? I'm looking forward to it. and we can do each others hair, what I Meant is yours and Wardah's. My hair has security alarm! hehehe. No, what i meant is my hair is short. but if you have a wig,let me wear it!

Oh no! Its time for me to get ready for U C Mas! Meet you next time! Bye!

Monday, December 15, 2008

New Blogger-user

I bet you all are thinking who or what is the new blog user.....
Well readers say welcome to my sister Amirah Wardah!!For more information about Wardah, you may read it here.

Wardah always keep copying my doings, If I use the computer, probably she wil usethe laptop, if I'm using facebook she will use facebook.thats the story of howshe did a blog.You can open the link here.

By the way, do you like my blog make-over?=-D

I will love to meet you guys aain, bye!!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I'm Back!!!

Hey every body ! I'm back! Sorry I didn't write my blog for about a few months. But I'm gonna tell you guys about the 'adventure of my past.' Enjoy the pics!

K. Kinbalu.

Mount Kinabalu

Cameron Highlands


Taipei Zoo

Taipei 101

Hari raya

Botanical Garden, Penang

Good bye.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Class Decorating.

Hey,everybody!My class and I are decorating the class for the 51st national day.As usual,I must write the notice.

This is the notice.

Decorating the class for Merdeka day.

Date:26th August,2008.[Tuesday]

Time:when teacher is late to class.


The hardest thing is that we must do it very good pictures of it.We do it in groups.3 pupils in my class stick it on the wall must check the pictures.[I failed 4 times]Well,I'm the head of the sketching team [that means the pupil that sketches the best] I planed to make merdeka posters at the notice board.Well so long! Meet you all at the next post!

Friday, February 8, 2008

My first cooking adventure.

My mother asked me if I had finished my homework. And lucky me I had. The she told me that I could cook some jelly.And this is the recipe.

This is the jelly powder I used.

But before we start cooking,check your height.If you are short like me, use a stepping stool.

Step 1-pour some water in the pan.(400ml)

Step 2-pour the powder in the pan.

Step 3-stir it until it melts.

Step 4-now we wait,and wait,and wait.

Step 5-now we pour it into a bowl or glass

Step 6-put the bowl or glass in the fridge.

Step 7-again,wait,and wait,and wait.
Wardah [sitting]and Balqis[on table].They love jelly and can't wait for it to be ready.

And done! What a pity, the jelly was straight attacked once it was out of the fridge. So I could not show you the photo.

Hungry us...

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The Trip To The Zoo

My favourite uncle, Uncle Rul and my auntie,Auntie Inda brought us to Zoo Negara. I know it was fun but oh dear! I need water! Because it was very hot! Though it was hot, we were feeding and holding animals. It was exiting.

Posing in front of the giraffes.

(Me/Wardah) feeding an elephant.

The deers waiting for their lunch.

(Me/Wardah/Nuryn) feeding deer

Wardah and Nuryn in front of the beautiful flamingos.

Wardah with a blue macaw.

That was my hand touching a shy turtle.

Me, Holding a baby python

Me and Wardah petting a giant python.

The bodyguards of Orang Utan

Told you it was a hot day. Aiman and Balqis having a rest. And Aiman was drinking his milk!

Even tired, we were happy!